Return to Play

The Grande Prairie Curling Centre experience will be quite a bit different this year as we deal with the impact of COVID-19 and how it is continually changing our environment.

Our top priority is the safety of our members and guests, while providing an enjoyable curling experience.  The ‘Return to Play Guidelines’ is a living document, which is subject to change without notice. We will be following guidelines put forth by Curling Canada and Curling Alberta, as well as our local, provincial, and federal governments.

General Information

  • The locker rooms are closed until further notice. All curlers should come ready to play with their own equipment.
  • Water coolers on the ice will not be available, please bring your own water bottle.
  • There will be no benches in the ice rink.
  • Stabilizers will not be available for use this year.
  • Brooms and sliders may be available under certain circumstances, provided they are sanitized after each use.
  • At this time practice ice will not be offered. This may be added as the GPCC evaluates and establishes staffing needs and ice times.
  • Washrooms upstairs and downstairs will have alternating sinks and urinals available. Please respect signage.
  • Follow directional arrows and distancing signage at all times.


  • League games will have staggered ice times to meet physical distancing requirements in the staging areas and allow for separation of arrival departure overlap. Please check your schedule closely for game time.
  • 55+ and Stick Curling Drop In Leagues will be restructured (details to be determined) to ensure physical distancing and the safety of curlers.
  • Junior Leagues to be determined at this time

Entering the Building

If you feel sick or have symptoms pertaining to COVID-19, PLEASE STAY HOME.

  • Use only the doors marked ‘Entrance’.
  • Sanitize hands, with provided sanitizer, before proceeding past lobby.
  • Curlers only through the main floor ‘Entrance’ door.
  • To go upstairs to Top of the House, follow the arrows on the stairs, staying to that side.

Spectators – Spectators or non-members will be allowed to enter the Centre if space permits. If a spectator or non-member enters the Centre, they must immediately proceed upstairs to be checked in. All individuals entering the Centre must complete a Declaration of Compliance and a Waiver of Risk or Assumption of Risk (if under the age of majority). If there is not adequate space in Top of the House they may be asked to leave.

Children – All children MUST always be accompanied by an adult and closely supervised.

Masks – The City of Grande Prairie has not yet mandated masks or face coverings in public buildings. The Grande Prairie Curling Centre recommends that curlers wear a mask or face covering while in the staging area, however, currently, masks are not mandatory. It will be up to each individual to decide if they choose to wear one or not.

Prior to Play

  • All curlers must complete a Declaration of Compliance and a Waiver of Risk or Assumption of Risk (if under the age of majority) before playing any games. All will be available to download on
  • All spares must be reported to the General Manager ( prior to play and the above forms submitted.
  • Curlers are to arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of their game. If you are going upstairs to the lounge prior to game play, please do not proceed downstairs more than 15 minutes before your game.
  • Proceed to designated staging area of the sheet you are playing on to put curling shoes on and await game start.
  • Ice surface entrances will be propped open when the ice is ready for play.
    • Sheets 1 – 4 will enter and exit the ice surface through the east door.
    • Sheets 5 – 8 will enter and exit the ice surface through the west door.

Playing the Game/On the Ice

  • No coin flips, consider “rock-paper-scissors” instead
  • Instead of shaking hands, please wave, nod, or raise your brooms together
  • No team congregations on the walkway. When a player has reached his or her sheet they should immediately leave their bag or equipment, if applicable, in the appropriate location and then move onto the ice surface and proceed as far along the sheet as is necessary to allow others to access the ice while maintaining at least two meters distance from others.
  • Start play where you find your rocks, they may be on the away end of the sheet.
  • Rocks MUST be lined up in a single file in the corners.
  • All rock handles are to be cleaned before and after each game. Please assign 1 person per team or per sheet to clean all rocks using the supplied sanitizing wipes.
  • Assign one person per sheet to mark score for both teams.
  • No touching other curler’s rocks with your hands, use your foot or broom.
  • Clean the bottom of your rock with your broom or gloved hand, do not use a bare hand.
  • If a measurement is required assign one of the Thirds to handle the stick. Clean the stick with provided sanitizer wipes, perform the measure, then sanitize the stick before putting it away.
  • In the event of a tie, no extra ends. If a winner must be declared, do a draw to the button.
  • Single sweeper rules, provided by Curling Canada (Diagram on next page):
    • There will be designated standing areas along the sides of the sheets. These are to be used by the non-delivering team (excluding the acting skip) and the non-active sweeper of the delivering team.
    • One sweeper only on all delivered stones. Relaying would not be permitted (second sweeper taking over halfway down the sheet). The person in charge of the house is not allowed to sweep under any circumstance. The skip of the non-delivering must remain in the hack area until all stones come to rest. They are not allowed to sweep the opposition stone behind the tee-line
    • Only one sweeper on the delivering team can sweep on a given shot. There will be no relaying of sweepers including with the skip/vice-skip. The designated sweeper is the only player that can sweep on a given play. This includes behind the t-line and “raised” or “tapped” rocks. The skip/vice-skip in the house must move to accommodate the in coming sweeper.
    • The non-delivering team may not sweep any rocks, including their own.
    • The teammate of the delivering team that is not sweeping must take a place on the side or the back of the sheet in a designated area. This non-active sweeper will have first choice of designated standing area and may communicate with the players of their team and may follow the play but must remain at least two meters apart from their teammates and their opponents.
    • The skip/vice-skip of the non-delivering team must remain behind the backline or on the walkway when possible and must make room to accommodate an in-coming sweeper, or the opposing skip/vice-skip and maintain at least two meters of distance.
    • Only one member of the non-delivering team should be behind the backline.
    • When the vice-skip and skip are exchanging control of the house, or discussing a call, they must remain at least two (2) meters apart from each other, always.
    • After a player delivers his or her rock, that player should either:
      • Follow the rock, while maintaining at least two (2) meters from the designated sweeper, but go no further than the second hog-line or
      • Move to the nearest unoccupied standing location.

This will allow the players from the other team to move into position for the next shot.

  • Between ends, the team that has the hammer should vacate to past the hogline (starting positions). The team that throws first will put the rocks away while maintaining social distancing.


At Completion of Game

  • Congratulate your opponent from an appropriate distance, no handshakes, etc.
  • The winning team pushes the rocks with the brush of their broom or foot to the corners of the end at which play was completed even if it is not the end at which the game began, while maintaining social distancing.
  • Players are to gather their belongings while distancing themselves from other players.
  • If it is necessary to cross behind other sheets that are still active, it may be necessary to request a player on that sheet to move, to allow for the players to exit the rink. Other games may finish prior to yours, please be courteous and considerate to other players leaving the rink.
  • Please exit the ice rink using the designated exit door for your sheet, return to your staging area to change shoes. Leave the main floor through the door marked ‘Exit’.
  • After the game we encourage you to take your equipment to your vehicle before proceeding upstairs to the lounge.

Top of the House (Lounge/Restaurant)

In accordance with AHS Guidelines for Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Bars, Top of the House will be open!

Here’s what to expect:

  • TABLE SERVICE ONLY – please do not come to the bar for service. (as per AHS regulations)
  • Markers/signage to indicate table is sanitized and ready for use or not.
  • Please DO NOT MOVE tables or chairs to other tables or in front of viewing windows. They are placed in position to ensure we are following AHS guidelines and regulations.
  • Signage and markings will be posted to direct traffic flow.
  • No more than 6 people at large round tables, 2 at small round tables, 4 at high top tables.
  • Hand sanitizer will be on each table.
  • Please do not congregate in front of viewing windows. Always keep social distancing.
  • If possible, please pay by credit card or debit.
  • Please leave all empties and glassware on your table when you are finished.

Private Events

  • Bonspiels may be held in accordance with Curling Canada and Curling Alberta Guidelines. Please contact for more information.
  • Private events (i.e. Birthday parties, Christmas parties, meetings, etc.) may also be held in accordance to AHS Guidelines for Indoor Events. Please contact for more information.

*Please note, these guidelines may change at any time.

COVID-19 Response Plan

If any GPCC member (player, volunteer, staff, or parent) feels ill at the facility/during activity:

  • Individual is to advise the general manager or bar supervisor. The individual will be asked to take the online assessment tool, to determine if testing is needed.
  • While preparing to immediately leave the facility or event, symptomatic individual should perform proper hand hygiene, put on a mask, and maintain 2 metres distance from all others.
  • Individual should go home immediately.  If there is a delay in leaving the facility, they should find an area to isolate.
  • Staff to clean and disinfect all surfaces individual may have been in contact with.

If any GPCC member (player, volunteer, staff, or parent) tests positive for COVID-19 and informs facility:

  • Immediate removal from curling for anyone in the home.
  • GPCC will report to public health authorities and follow their guidelines.
  • Public health authority determines communication protocol and tracing of all contacts.
  • GPCC will cooperate on any necessary communication.
  • Note will be required from a physician or public health authority to return to play.

Please note: If a sick individual elects to inform the facility that they have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the individual informed shall seek the participants consent to contact Public Health Authorities in order to obtain advice on communication with other potentially impacted individuals. The sick individual should be asked to advise Public Health of this consent.

AT NO TIME will the name of the sick person be disclosed.

At any time the GPCC may be forced to close due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. If this happens, refunds will be determined on a pro-rated basis (games played, cost per person per game).


We fully understand that the upcoming season will be challenging, we will do our best to keep everyone safe, and thank you all for your continued support to keep curling alive in Grande Prairie! Please remember to be respectful and kind to staff and fellow curlers!


Grande Prairie Curling Centre Board of Directors and Staff





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