Return to Play

GPCC Return to Play Guidelines – November 12, 2020

Disclaimer:  The COVID-19 situation is fluid.  New information is continually being received from our sport governing bodies and all levels of government.  As a result, this document is subject to change without notice.  Amendments will be communicated to membership and facility users as they occur.

We encourage readers to monitor our website at and provide feedback by contacting the Club via email at or by phone at 780-532-7221.

Readers please note there are a significant number of changes to our policies/procedures this season. 

All participants are expected to read and understand this guide before curling.

Opening Message

The Grande Prairie Curling Centre experience will be quite a bit different this year as we deal with the impact of COVID-19 and how it is continually changing our environment.

Our top priority is the safety of our members and guests, while providing an enjoyable curling experience.  The ‘Return to Play Guidelines’ is a living document, which is subject to change without notice. We will be following guidelines put forth by Curling Canada and Curling Alberta, as well as our local, provincial, and federal governments.

Curling is a non-contact sport played in a large facility with ample space to promote physical distancing.  We also know curlers are caring and respectful and will do their very best to ensure our curling and community centre can stay open and functional during these challenging times.

The Grande Prairie curling experience will be noticeably different this year as we manage COVID-19 circumstances.  We hope this handbook can answer your questions and alleviate any safety concerns.

GPCC’s General Manager can be reached via email or phone 780-532-7221.

In Summary:

  • Stay home if you are feeling sick or have contacted any suspected case of COVID-19.
  • Comply with self-isolation or quarantine Provincial Health Officer Orders.
  • Practice good hand hygiene.
  • Maintain 6.5’ / 2m physical distancing at all times.
  • Wear a face mask at your discretion, or as mandated (if necessary).
  • GPCC will always comply with COVID-19 regulations and laws.
    • Masks are required when you enter the building, in all common areas and moving about in the building (City of GP Mask Bylaw)
    • Masks are NOT required on the ice surface or in the lounge, while seated at a table. Please remember to put your mask on if you leave your table for any reason.
  • All curlers must sign the Waiver of Risk and Declaration of Compliance prior to entering the building for game play.
  • Curlers should come ready to play with their own equipment.
  • Staging areas will be available to change shoes.
  • Water coolers on the ice will not be available, please bring your own water bottle.
  • There will be no benches in the ice rink. Chairs appropriately spaced out will be available on some walkways.
  • Brooms, stabilizers, and sliders will be available with sanitizing protocols.
  • Practice ice will be offered at various times in the ice schedule. Further information will be posted at the Centre and on the website.
  • The lounge (Top of the House) will be open with bar and food services, following AHS Guidelines for Bars & Restaurants.
  • Washrooms upstairs and downstairs will have alternating sinks and urinals available. Please respect signage.
  • Follow directional arrows and distancing signage at all times, in all areas of the Centre.
  • Scoreboards may be used – procedure to be finalized.
  • The locker rooms will be available for storage of equipment use only, on a first come first served basis. There will not be a fee for locker use, curlers must provide their own lock.
    • Please respect signage and be courtesy, as there will be a limited number of people permitted in the locker room at one time.
    • Please email with locker number, name, email address and phone number.
  • Adhere to game start times and schedules.
  • Enjoy curling and have a great time at the Grande Prairie Curling Centre!

Illness Policy


If you are not feeling well in any way, STAY HOME. This is not a request; it is a requirement.

Do not risk getting other members of GPCC sick because you wanted to curl or didn’t want to let your team down. It is imperative that everyone make all efforts to prevent Coronavirus from entering our community.

If someone on the ice or a fan/follower in the facility is clearly not feeling well, we request that members of that person’s team ensure he/she goes home.   Skips – please take your leadership role seriously in this regard.

If you feel sick or have symptoms pertaining to COVID-19 please stay home.

General Information

Physical Distancing

Physical distancing must be maintained at all times, throughout our entire facility.  Unless you are from the same household or family, it is our expectation that everyone will maintain a minimum 2m (6.5 feet) safe distance from each other.  That means each user will need to be aware of others, be respectful and patient, and pay particular attention within travel corridors and enclosed spaces.

Our traffic flow patterns and single room capacities are based on the 2m distance allowance.

We understand that people may have varying degrees of both tolerance and vigilance; however our club’s capability to remain viable rests on our collective ability to minimize any risk of Coronavirus transmission.  We simply must work together.

Health Checks, Self-Declarations

Enhanced health screening will occur with every staff member and volunteer prior to their work shift or task.  This should put all users at ease, and offer everyone some assurance that our staff and volunteer leaders are symptom free.

At this time, there is no intent to ask members and patrons to provide a temperature check each time you enter the building.  However, you are being asked to self-assess and not enter our facility if you exhibit symptoms, or if you should be self-isolated or quarantined.

If symptoms become apparent after you are in attendance, we reserve the right to discuss the matter with you in private and ask you to vacate the premises if necessary.  All staff, Board members and league convenors have this authority.

If you become uncomfortable with anyone who exhibits symptoms, or aware of individuals who you feel should be quarantined, we’d ask that you make an effort to speak to them, if at all possible, and prior to making a report to staff or a league convenor.  Staff and convenors are able to take reports or complaints if necessary, but we’d prefer this be a last resort.

New – and mandatory – this year:

  • All curlers are required to read, understand and sign:

Masks and PPE

The City of Grande Prairie has put the Mask Bylaw into affect. Everyone entering the Centre must wear a mask in all common areas and moving about the building. Curlers are not required to wear a mask once they enter the ice surface area. Masks are also not required once seated at a table in the lounge, please remember to put on your mask if you leave your table for any reason.

However, Curling Alberta does request curlers to wear a mask while on the ice surface, as per the following:

Curling Alberta Requests Masks During Play

With the number of Covid-19 cases on the rise, Curling Alberta has implemented further protocols to help keep the curling community safe. Masks are now requested during play but can and should be safely removed when needed (e.g. while sweeping, when drinking water, when regaining a comfortable rate of breathing, when replacing a wet mask, etc.).  If you are not able to safely wear a mask, please refrain from shouting and continue to adhere to the physical distancing measures in place at your facility.

The following should be kept in mind when wearing a mask:

  • Completely cover the nose and mouth. Learn how to wear a mask here.
  • Bring a change of masks and follow AHS’ safe mask-removal protocols. Soiled or wet masks should be replaced during games.
  • Only cleaned and disinfected masks should be worn.
  • When wearing a mask, avoid touching the mask and practice good hand hygiene.
  • Masks do not replace proper hygiene, physical distancing or isolation to prevent the spread.

Performance tips:

  1. Breathing tip: Attentively breathing through the nose rather than the mouth has been helping many curlers learn to breathe more comfortably with a mask on during games.
  2. Masks: Players should consider investing in performance-wear masks and should bring multiple masks to a game.
  3. Safe mask removal: It is not unreasonable nor irresponsible to safely remove your mask at certain points during play.  Healthy breathing and proper hydration are important parts of exercising and an active life-style.  If you find that you need to remove your mask during the course of play, simply adhere to: (i) AHS’s safe mask-removal protocols,
  4. Avoid shouting or raising your voice when your mask is removed and continue to respectfully adhere to all on-ice physical distancing measures at your facility (e.g., remain at least 6 feet away from others)
  5. Glasses fogging up: If your glasses are fogging up during play, then please consider options such as: wearing contacts, using an anti-fog spray or wearing your mask higher-up on your face.
  6. As per AHS, do not use a mask in the following situations:
  • If it is dirty or damaged in any way, it gaps or doesn’t fit well, or it has been used by another person.
  • Anyone that has trouble breathing

Masks will not be provided by the GPCC.

Staff serving food and/or beverages must wear masks, and staff or volunteers involved in other duties and tasks will be required to wear masks.

Sanitization Stations

Hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the building, with specific “hands-free” dispensers available at locations near main entries and entry to ice.  ALL patrons are required to sanitize their hands upon initial arrival; no exceptions.

Patrons are reminded that frequent hand-washing with soap and water (available in all our washrooms) is highly recommended.

Sanitizer will also be provided for persons cleaning rock handles, and those who may touch curling apparatus such as scoreboards, measuring devices and equipment.

All sanitizing and disinfectant products will meet Health Canada and AHS minimum Covid-19 standards.  Sanitization/cleaning logs will be maintained.

Traffic Patterns  –  “STAY RIGHT”

Traffic patterns will be established in the building via visual markers, signage and barriers, especially in the areas of the main front entry, lobby, stairwells and entry/exit to the ice surface.  It is our expectation that ALL patrons will honour and respect traffic instructions.

You will note all our traffic flow “Stays Right”; you proceed via the right side of each corridor.  If you are not sure, or you meet someone in a shared space, simply remember to “Stay Right”

Maximum Capacities

Please pay particular attention to the posted maximum capacities of our single doorway rooms, such as locker rooms, washrooms, storage rooms, etc.  It’s critical that we comply with these posted restrictions, or we risk losing the use of these spaces altogether.

Be especially courteous and respectful of overcrowding within the lobby and its boot/shoe removal area.  Respect the physical barrier that separates direction of traffic.


  • Be extra courteous and diligent when using this space and minimize your time within it.
  • The locker rooms will be available for storage of equipment use only, on a first come first served basis. There will not be a fee for locker use, curlers must provide their own lock.
    • Please respect signage and be courtesy
    • Capacity limits are:
      • Ladies – no more than 4 people at a time
      • Men’s – no more than 8 people at a time
    • Please email with locker number, name, email address and phone number.
  • Draw times will be staggered; there will be a significantly reduced the amounts of persons requiring this space at any one time.
  • If you are still concerned about overcrowding in either locker room, please choose to discontinue your use of this space and remove your belongings at your earliest convenience.


  • The elevator will be available for use as needed. Maximum 1 person, except for immediate family or persons requiring assistance.
  • Be considerate of the extra time required for patrons to use the elevator if necessary.


  • Viewing is allowed only from Top of the House – the downstairs area is for curlers only.
  • Seating will be removed/re-arranged to accommodate the physical distancing requirements.
  • Do not move tables and chairs to create larger group seating.

Contact Tracing

As per provincial health guidelines, contact tracing is a requirement for our operation.  Regular league curlers will not be required to complete any additional documentation on their own league nights, however the following applies to everyone else who attends our facility.

  • Spectators, including members not scheduled to play, or non-members:
    • Are still allowed to enter the club if space permits
    • If a spectator or non-member enters the Centre they should immediately adhere to signage and check in with the office/bar staff. They will be asked to complete a short Covid-19 assessment and to provide their contact information.
  • Bonspiel teams:
    • A list of all team members must be provided prior to play, and all those who are not regular club members will complete a Covid-19 assessment and provide their contact tracing information.
  • Spares:
  • Special Event patrons:
    • All Special Event patrons will be required to complete the Waiver of Risk and Declaration of Compliance.


Season Length, Dates

The curling season will start the week of November 16th.  The curling season will run until the week of April 5th.

  • League games will have staggered ice times to meet physical distancing requirements in the staging areas and allow for separation of arrival departure overlap. Please check your schedule closely for game time.
  • 55+ and Stick Curling Drop In Leagues will be resuming as normal with these exceptions:
    • Please do not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to game time
    • Payment for play must be made in $20 increments – payment will be tracked and applied to games played
  • Junior Leagues will be running, following all the Curling Alberta and AHS guidelines.


Due in part to our strict illness policy, we anticipate needing a higher than usual number of spares.  We encourage the registration of “spare members” – those who do not play regularly in a league but wish to “spare only”.  We also encourage our regular members to consider playing that extra game when asked to spare.  

CURLING “The Playbook”

Draw Times

As noted in the league play will use “staggered starts”; specifically, to schedule no more than four games/sheets starting at the same time.  This would apply to all curling events, including league, bonspiels and rentals.  Please appreciate that this will challenge our planners, and it will be critical that each player and team follow the pre and post game protocols.  We will do our best to make the draw times equitable for all teams.

Everyone must be prepared to have regular evening games start between 6:15 pm and 9:15 pm.  Curlers can expect their start times will not always be the same.

Without prior approval from the Centre Manager, games are to start only at their assigned time on the assigned sheet.  Using the “first available sheet” at any random time will not be allowed until further notice.

Pre-Game Procedures

  • Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the start of your game. If you are going upstairs to the lounge prior to game play, please do not proceed downstairs more than 15 minutes before your game.
  • Please come dressed to play.

Be especially respectful of overcrowding within the lobby and its boot/shoe removal area.  Respect the physical barrier that separates direction of traffic.

Sanitize your hands immediately upon entry.  Follow distancing protocols and signage.

All personal equipment is to be stored in lockers or on the “home” end of the rink.  Please plan to “travel light” this season so that everyone has room available to maintain social distancing.

  • If you are using the locker rooms, please see earlier references at section C(6). Be both quick and courteous in this space; drop off your coat and/or personal items, pick up your curling shoes and equipment and proceed to your sheets staging area in the waiting area to prepare for your game.
  • If you do not use the locker room, please take your coat with you onto the ice area, and hang it on the dowel posts behind your sheet of ice. Don’t leave personal items in the waiting area.

Centre Loaner Equipment

We encourage everyone to please have their own equipment!

Limited Centre equipment such as sliders, brooms and stabilizers may be available for use, under one of these conditions:

  • If the General Manager is notified in advance
  • Junior curlers and Adult Learn to Curl may sign out equipment for the season with a refundable $50 deposit upon the return of the equipment in good condition
  • Will be available for school groups, private rentals and bonspiels, if requested in advance
  • Ensure you are the only person to use/handle that item
  • When you return the item, leave it in the area clearly marked for “returns”; it will be sanitized by staff before it is re-used.

No footwear will be available to borrow.  You are encouraged to purchase you own gripper to ensure a proper fit to your on-ice shoes.

To & From the Ice

All curlers will enter the ice in the following way:

  • Sheets 1 – 4 will enter and exit the ice surface through the east door.
    • Sheets 5 – 8 will enter and exit the ice surface through the west door.

Players for two adjacent games will enter at approximately the same time; we ask that you let the sheet closest to the center enter first to avoid overlapping congestion.

Do not put on your gloves on before entering the ice shed. Your hands must be sanitized before opening the ice shed door.

Scheduling will minimize the number of curlers that walk behind neighbouring sheets.

During your game, if you have to depart the ice surface for any reason, use whichever doorway best facilitates proper physical distancing; you may need to wait for an opportunity to depart.

Upon completion of you game, all players depart through the door the entered.  Please be aware of any throwing teams or other players standing on the backboards and allow time to properly distance.

It’s “Game Time”

The skips have authority over the activities on their sheet of ice, and this year that includes responsibility for all players maintaining correct physical distancing.  Skips – please take that role seriously.


  • Red/green marker cards will designate whether or not this sanitization has been completed; green = sanitized, red = NOT sanitized.
  • Please assign one person per team to sanitize rocks at the end of the game. Once rocks are sanitized turn the card to the green side.
  • If sanitization has not been done, have one person from each team sanitize their entire team’s rock handles.
  • If cleaning products are not available, please ensure you leave the red card displayed and notify staff so they can replenish sanitizing products.
  • Only touch the handle of your own rocks with your hand. All other rocks are to be moved using your brush head, delivery stick or foot.
  • Avoid touching the running surface of the rock with your hand (gloved or bare). You are encouraged to use your own brush head to clean the running surface prior to delivery.
  • Once a player chooses their rocks at the beginning of a game, the same rocks must be used by that player for the duration. No trading of rocks to another player is allowed during a game.
  • Please leave the card green side up after you sanitize.


Do not shake hands or touch in any way!  Wish your opponents “good curling” from an appropriate distance, or with a socially distanced broom tap.


Coin tosses will not occur, unless only one person handles their own coin and retains its possession.  Alternatively, use your stopwatch; start the timer and have the opponent call out “odd” or “even” before it’s stopped or a simple game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.


  • Behind the T-Line:
    • No sweeping will be allowed behind the tee line by either skip. Only the active (designated) sweeper may continue to sweep their team’s rock behind the tee line.
    • No sweeping any opponent’s stone behind the T-line.
  • Teams must follow the “single sweeper” rule:
    • Only one sweeper will be allowed at a time (no same household exceptions)
    • No “switching” during a throw; the designated sweeper must follow a delivered stone from the delivery end of the sheet to the target house.
    • No one aside from the dedicated sweeper for a shot can sweep any stone.
    • Sweepers may alternate either between shots or between delivering players; teams are encouraged to share sweeping duties amongst teammates as much as possible.
    • The non-sweeping players must always position themselves to maintain physical distancing (use designated areas and ice markers).




  • Distancing Lines” will be installed – 2’ from side boards and between the hoglines on only one side of a sheet. Curlers not active in a shot will commonly stop/wait within this area.
  • Stand Here” markers will be installed within the distancing lines, at strategic locations no closer than 2m apart. Each inactive curler should stand on one of these markers.
  • If inactive (not throwing, sweeping, skipping or next to throw), stay within the distancing lines between the hoglines and with only one person at each “Stand Here” marker.
  • Skips or vice-skips
    • Only the delivering team’s skip is allowed in the target house.
    • The opposition skip must be at/near the backboards, and no closer to the house than the hack, until all rocks have come to rest.
  • After a team shoots, the priority of all players is to proceed to their appropriate positions on the sheet as quickly as possible, while maintaining social distancing.
  • Between ends, the team that has hammer in the next end should vacate the playing area by moving past the hog line, into the inactive zone within the distancing lines. The team throwing first in the next end should put away the rocks.  Consider having two players push the stones from the playing area to the corners, and one player arranging the rocks.  Use your broom or your foot to move rocks.   Avoid team congregations.

View a video of the one sweeper rule in action, provided by Curling Alberta.

See illustration/descriptions below:


  • The two sweepers of the non-throwing team should be positioned on “Freeze Here” markers while the other team is throwing.
  • The player of the non-throwing team whose turn it is next to deliver, should be positioned at/near the hogline on the same side as his/her two sweepers.


  • The Skip (or vice-skip) has control of the house.
  • The player whose turn it is to deliver is in the hack.
  • The sweeping player is at the T-Line.
  • The non-sweeping player is on the backboards, or at a “Freeze Here” marker.
  • Once the stone has been released, the player who delivered the stone proceeds down the centre line of the ice until about the halfway point and moves to a “Freeze Here” marker, or proceeds towards the hog line if it is their next turn to deliver.
  • After the stone comes to rest, the sweeper proceeds to a “Freeze Here” marker. The non-sweeper travels to a “Freeze Here” marker or the hog line depending on whether or not it is their next turn to deliver.


If measuring is necessary, only one player should handle the device.

  • Hands should be sanitized before and after use.
  • Don’t touch the measuring device with gloved hands.
  • Use a sanitizing wipe to clean the device after use.


Numbers in the box affixed to the wall (usual location) have been sanitized.

  • Assign one person to mark both teams’ scores – the third of the team which scores first.
  • Do not touch or handle a number other than the one you need; if you do, remove it from the wall hanger and discard it on the floor below the box.
  • The assigned scorekeeper will be responsible for sanitizing all used numbers and the scoreboard at the end of the game, and then put the numbers away.


  • Do not shake hands! Congratulate your opponents on a “good game” from a distance.
  • Following your game, please pay it forward. We encourage you to sanitize rocks after your game or practice, and if you do, leave the green card face-up so the next users will know.  Please use the standard sanitization procedures explained earlier.  Our start times will stay closer to schedule if everyone follows this procedure.
  • Depart the ice surface through the door you entered.
  • The winning third is responsible to email or text their league rep with the game results. Schedules will not be posted at the Centre.
  • Do not loiter in waiting or locker rooms. Be respectful of distancing and room capacities.
  • Adhere to traffic instruction(s) as you move within the facility; most notably, “Lean Left” as you exit the main floor or proceed up and down the stairs to the lounge.

Off the Ice

Your Equipment

Do not leave personal belongings in shared space within locker or waiting rooms.  Be swift in handling your curling equipment and shoes, both pre and post game.  Please return all personal belongings to your locker or vehicle before moving to other locations of our facility.

Socializing & Viewing

We encourage you to socialize in our lounge post-game but ask that you respect all posted signage and do not move chairs.

Curling spectators or non-members are still allowed to enter the Centre if space permits.  If a spectator or non-member enters the club they should immediately check, in as earlier, described upstairs in the lounge.  Members will be given first priority to remain if capacity limits become a factor.


General Modifications

Our bonspiels will always be open to GPCC members and their guests from within the same regional area.  Our ability to accept entries from outside of our normal regional area may be dependent on current guidelines and pandemic responses beyond our control.

You will see changes to bonspiel formats and schedules, in an effort to minimize crowds and encourage social distancing.  Meals and entertainment may be adjusted or restricted as well, based on Alberta Ministry of Health restrictions.

In general, this year’s bonspiel schedule is anticipated to be similar to previous years.

Practice and Instruction

Scheduling Your Practice Ice

This year, it will be critical to schedule practices by emailing  We must work together to ensure rock handles and related touch surfaces have been sanitized both before and after practices.  Equally important, capacity considerations and ice/staff availability may be affected by our new scheduling changes, such as staggered starts.

Bar and Lounge

The Grande Prairie Curling Centre’s Bar and Lounge will be OPEN!

We will be following AB Health Services Guidelines and Provincial Health Officer Orders for lounge operations.

Regulations can be found here Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Bars,

In summary, here’s what patrons can expect:

  • Hours of Operation will be established to accommodate league play.
  • Sanitization stations will be available to patrons at strategic locations.
  • Adhere to signage and traffic flow markings.
  • Tables and chairs:
  • Numbers reduced or tables/chairs re-positioned to follow social distancing guidelines.
  • Tables will display a clean or unclean sign. Patrons should not choose a table until its clean table sign is displayed, which confirms it has been sanitized.
  • No more than 6 people per table; avoid moving from table to table.
  • Remain seated unless moving between the viewing area, bar, washrooms, and exit.
  • Table service is required by AHS, please have a seat and you will be served as quickly as possible.
  • Leave all empties, food trays, dinnerware, etc. on your table when finished.
  • Electronic payment is strongly preferred over cash payment.
  • Face coverings (mask or shield) will be worn by all food/beverage service workers.
  • Live music is allowed following AHS guidelines. Background music permitted.
  • Dancing prohibited.
  • Enhanced sanitation protocols.

Food Service and Catering

Our food service and catering business will be open with close to “normal” operating hours.

We plan to again offer a menu for most of our regular evening leagues, managed through the upstairs commercial kitchen and/or bar, as well as food specials and banquets during the season.


General Considerations:

  • Service may include quick-service items.
  • Enhanced sanitation for patrons and staff.

Personnel (Staff):

  • Appropriate use of face covering/PPE.
  • Increased training and education specific to hand hygiene and physical etiquette.
  • Health screening questionnaire completed prior to each shift.


  • To promote efficiency and reduce wait times:
    • Menu may be slightly limited.
    • The addition of pre-packaged cold items during peak business.


  • Self-serve condiments removed from counter and individual packets distributed with each order.
  • Utensils removed from counter and distributed with each order (wrapped).


  • Table service only.
  • Signage and physical markers to indicate traffic flow / distancing requirements.
  • Removal of self-service items i.e. coffee, water jugs
  • Buffet Amendments:
  • Staff to manage traffic flow and limit attendees to smaller numbers (one table at a time).
  • Staff to attend buffet line, manage portion control and serve food at the individual instruction of each patron. Patrons do not handle service utensils at buffet.
  • Frequent sanitation and replacement of service utensils.
  • Pre-packaged and/or portioned condiments.


Enhanced sanitization and cleaning will be a priority in all areas of our facility.  Our Centre has always maintained a high standard in this regard; however, our frequency will now be increased.  This will be a shared responsibility between ice/bar/kitchen staff, custodial staff and members.

Patrons will notice our use of green or red markers – this will designate whether or not rock handles have been sanitized.  You are welcome to use items designated in green.  Please sanitize items designated in red prior to use.

Cleaning products will be provided for members to sanitize an item after you use it (for example, rock handles). Please assign one person per sheet to sanitize rocks at the end of the game. Once rocks are sanitized turn the card to the green side. If you come on to a sheet with a red card displayed, please sanitize rocks before use. If cleaning products are not available, please ensure you leave the red card displayed and notify staff so they can replenish sanitizing products.

A thorough building sanitation will occur every day, at minimum, and more often as needed based on use.  Our detailed standards and internal policies will minimize risk.  A general summary is below:

  • All staff will be trained and monitored with respect to new protocols and expectations.
  • Assured use of approved disinfecting and sanitization products.
  • Specific and increased frequency sanitization/disinfecting of shared areas and touch surfaces.
  • Increased sanitization of food/beverage contact surfaces, preparation surfaces, and equipment.
  • Appropriate tracking and reporting of sanitization.
  • Added emphasis on hand hygiene (washing and the use of sanitizer) for all patrons and staff.

Special Event Management

The Grande Prairie Curling Centre is open for event bookings, however, is subject to all public health orders related to such activity.

At this time, the most notable limitation is a maximum of 15 persons for special/private events.

We are an exceptional venue for a Christmas party, corporate retreat or training, wedding, birthday or anniversary celebration, reunion, baby shower, celebration of life, fundraiser, etc.  It will be our pleasure to provide not only the space, but all your required tables/chairs and food/beverage services.

Ice is also available to rent, for both members and non-members.

Please discuss bookings directly with our General Manager, at or 780-532-7221.

Outbreak Protocol

If any GPCC member (player, volunteer, staff, or parent) feels ill at the facility/during activity:

  • Individual is to advise the general manager or bar supervisor. The individual will be asked to take the online assessment tool, to determine if testing is needed.
  • While preparing to immediately leave the facility or event, symptomatic individual should perform proper hand hygiene, put on a mask, and maintain 2 metres distance from all others.
  • Individual should go home immediately.  If there is a delay in leaving the facility, they should find an area to isolate.
  • Staff to clean and disinfect all surfaces individual may have been in contact with.

If any GPCC member (player, volunteer, staff, or parent) tests positive for COVID-19 and informs facility:

  • Immediate removal from curling for anyone in the home.
  • GPCC will report to public health authorities and follow their guidelines.
  • Public health authority determines communication protocol and tracing of all contacts.
  • GPCC will cooperate on any necessary communication.
  • Note will be required from a physician or public health authority to return to play.

Please note: If a sick individual elects to inform the facility that they have been diagnosed with COVID-19, the individual informed shall seek the participants consent to contact Public Health Authorities in order to obtain advice on communication with other potentially impacted individuals. The sick individual should be asked to advise Public Health of this consent.

AT NO TIME will the name of the sick person be disclosed.

At any time, the GPCC may be forced to close due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. If this happens, refunds will be determined on a pro-rated basis (games played, cost per person per game).

References and Links

Curling Alberta Guidelines:

Curling Canada Guidelines:

Alberta Health Services – Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and Bars:

Alberta Health Services – Sport and Recreation:


Alberta Health Services – Indoor Events:




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